Our Supporters

PHA is grateful for the support of individuals, businesses, and organizations that help us to achieve our mission. Support comes in many forms at PHA – grants, sponsorships, in-kind donations, individual donations, membership, and in spreading the word about what we do and the important issue of PMADs.

We would like to acknowledge those who have provided support:

Advocates ($1,000-$2999)


  • Ronna and Bill Mallios
  • Jennifer Richter
  • Chandra Mika Nakam
  • Barbara Menard
  • Dr. Leslie Tam
  • Dr. Jack Heinowitz
  • Gretchen Mallios
  • Carmen Flores
  • Ann Russell
  • Jeannine Pearlman
  • Christine Bernet
  • Faye Mankowske
  • Holly Herring
  • Ida LaChiusa
  • Cady Vortm
  • Denise Novak

Business Supporters

The people behind these businesses have generously used their time, talents, and reach to support PHA’s Mission!