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Thank you for your interest in Partnering with the San Diego Postpartum Health Alliance

Community partnerships are vital to Postpartum Health Alliance's operations - increasing our impact, reaching new audiences, and sharing resources.

If you or your organization are interested in exploring a relationship with PHA, please fill out the application and tell us more about your vision for a partnership. You will receive a response within one week of submitting your application.


Featured Partners

PHA Community Partner since 2023

PHA Community Partner since 2022


Urban Restoration Counseling Center and PHA’s partnership is designed for both organizations to work together to bring affordable low and no-cost therapy sessions to community members in need. With funding from a private donor, and through clinicians at URCC, PHA can provide individual, couples, and family counseling sessions for BIPOC parents in the community.

PHA Community Partner since 2018


With funding through the Kaiser Family Foundation Grant, the Postpartum Health Alliance partnered with the San Diego Breastfeeding Center between the years 2018-2022 providing funding for lactation visits, plus PMADs prevention and early intervention screening, psychoeducation, and, as needed, personalized treatment resources/referrals to lactating persons enrolled in the Black Infant Health program, PCI Global Communities, and other programs serving BIPOC, low-income, lactating persons. 


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