Join the PHA Board




Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the San Diego Postpartum Health Alliance (PHA)


Serving on the Board is not only a fun and rewarding experience, it is also a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

To help you better understand the skills and commitment needed for this leadership position, please be sure to review the list of Board member responsibilities, as well as your desired position's role, prior to applying.


The PHA Board and professional members value diversity of all kinds. We encourage candidates from all professional, personal, and cultural backgrounds to apply for these opportunities.

Due to the dynamic needs of the organization, candidates do not need to have a clinical background or be a perinatal (pregnancy and postpartum) professional. Ideal candidates have a passion for PHA's mission and the experience or skills necessary to help PHA thrive.

In an intentional effort to better represent the San Diego community, black, Indigenous, people of color, and individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+ are strongly encouraged to apply.

Non Discrimination Policy

It is PHA's policy to ensure that all individuals feel welcomed and are treated equally without regard to age, color, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, expression, gender identity, or veteran status. It is important that candidates for our Board adhere to this policy both professionally and personally.


Please rest assured that your application will be kept confidential. Applications are used by the Board of Directors to identify and evaluate potential Board candidates. All new Directors are elected by a majority vote of current Board members.


If you have any questions or need any assistance please email our support staff at



Board Overview

With the help of one part-time support staff, professional members, and dedicated volunteers, PHA’s operations are largely brought to life by our passionate volunteer board.

  • PHA is a working board. Each director carries out their assigned position’s role in addition to partnering with or assisting other board members as needed.
  • Serve a minimum of one (1) two-year term on the Board.
  • Individual Board contribution goals are $250 per year. These goals can be reached in a variety of ways. Popular options include: 1) personal fundraising efforts (ex. Facebook fundraiser) and 2) in-kind donations (ex. providing auction items for the October Fiesta). Direct payments are also possible and can be done in a lump sum or in installments.
  • Attend a minimum of ten (10) monthly Board meetings each year. The full Board of Directors meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. Board meetings are currently held via Zoom.
  • Enroll in 3-4 hours of cultural competency education training per year (Board will share opportunities).
  • Stay informed about PHA matters, be prepared for meetings, complete monthly board reports, and participate in PHA events and committees.
  • Participate in the advancement of PHA’s strategic plan, including, but not limited, to: fundraising, grants, inclusion and diversity efforts, enhancing professional membership, and community outreach.
  • Actively seek opportunities to promote PHA’s mission and resources and recruit diverse professional members, Board members, and volunteers.
  • Build collegial working relationships with other Board members and abide by PHA’s policy and expectation to carry out and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism into all aspects of PHA’s operations.

Open Positions

  • Work with current President on vision and leadership for the organization
  • Assist with the President's responsibilities to become familiar with the role
  • May fulfill another role on the Board if desired or necessary

(Business operations, Nonprofit Development or Accounting experience encouraged)

  • Maintain financial accounts and records of PHA
    • Report monthly account balances, revenues, and expenditures
    • Report the status of the organization's fundraising activities to the Board as needed
    • Manage the Board's review of and action related to the Board's financial responsibilities
  • Facilitate payments to vendors and contractors
  • File Annual statements in place of 990s or file 990s
  • Present annual budget to Board for approval by 02-2020 change date
  • Communicate and work with Grants Chair(s) to support PHA funding/budget needs
    • Track grant budget and report to the Board to ensure budget requirements are met
  • Document and process donations per PHA protocol.

(An understanding of perinatal mental health is encouraged)

  • Organize at least four educational opportunities per year to support and develop PHA's professional members.
    • Seek topics and individuals who can provide added value to PHA members including:
    • One in-person PMADs 101 training at the beginning of each calendar year
    • A minimum of 1-2 cultural competency trainings or workshops covering perinatal wellness and a specific population
  • Work with the Events Chair to plan and host social/networking opportunity following each in-person training

 (In-person and/or online event coordination experience encouraged)

  • Plan two PHA social events per year (around March and October)
  • Work with Treasurer to set events budget and solicit donations
  • Engage sponsors and meet fundraising goals for each event
  • Spring and Fall Socials
    • Work closely with the Board to identify dates and set agendas.
    • Organize location or online platform, food/drinks, and recruit volunteers to help set up/host/clean up.
    • Priority is to engage, connect, and celebrate members and inform about priorities/accomplishments
    • Provide information to Social Media Chair for promotion of events by set dates with Content Chair
  • Coordinate networking/social events, following educational events

(1 of 2 positions filled)

  • Seek and apply for grants to support PHA's programs and general operations
    • Work with Equity Chair to develop grant objectives dedicated to reaching and supporting local underserved populations and providers of color.
    • Coordinate with Treasurer in grant application and reporting
  • Track grants’ progress and communicate needs to the Board to ensure grant requirements are met.
    • Complete summary report to grantor (usually once per year)
    • Use data to identify gaps and determine where to direct resources.

(Black, Indigenous, people of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals encouraged to apply)

  • Chair the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (DEIA) committee
    • Collaborate with Content and Website Development Chairs to ensure PHA's material, messaging, and imagery represents PHA's value of diversity and inclusion.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan for equity and inclusion in coordination with the DEIA committee. The plan will include:
    • Recruitment strategy for board members and PHA provider members that reflect the diversity of San Diego families, as well as providers that serve those disproportionately affected by PMADs
    • Partnering with businesses and organizations with expertise in supporting diverse populations
  • Collaborate with the Grant Chair(s) in grant requests that allow PHA to pursue activities that will promote equitable access to treatment and recovery for individuals and families affected by PMADs.
  • Supports Board Members by helping with tasks as requested
  • Supports warmline training, volunteers, and coverage as needed
  • Attends most educational events and helps Education and Events Chair with networking and socials


As a working board, additional support is always appreciated.

If you see a filled position that interests you, please apply! The addition of a co-chair may be warranted.


Board Application

Please apply for the Board by filling out and submitting our online application.