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Depression and anxiety during pregnancy, following childbirth, or following a loss, are more common than most people know. They are referred to as Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. There are also more effective treatments and resources than many are aware of. This page will guide you in identifying options for finding information and support.

If you are struggling or have questions, please call our warmline at 619-254-0023. Our trained volunteers can provide you with support and referrals.

Information on this Web site is intended only to increase knowledge on perinatal (during pregnancy and after childbirth) mood disorders. We do not intend to offer medical advice or treatment of any kind. The tools we offer, such as the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, are intended as tools only, the results of which should be confirmed by a qualified healthcare professional. This information is not a replacement for diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. PHA cannot be responsible for actions taken without professional medical guidance.