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Supports us in carrying out our mission and serving the San Diego community.

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Supports our website for one month. Our website is visited by more than 2300 unique visitors a month seeking information, referrals, and support!

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Supports our warmline for one month.  This means that more than 30 callers will be offered support and referrals for treatment from a caring, well-trained Peer Support Specialist who is knowledgeable about PMADs and local resources.

$500 donation

Provides five community trainings for professionals who come in contact with new mothers, ensuring that they have the skills and tools to assess and refer those who may be struggling with PMADs.

A $1,500 donation

Allows PHA to print and distribute 20,000 informational brochures throughout San Diego, allowing us to reach 20,000 mothers and families who can recognize symptoms in themselves and their loved ones and find out how to get help.

PHA is a nonprofit organization. Any donations, large or small, are welcomed and will support PHA's activities.

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