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Support Groups

Please contact the groups ahead of time to make sure that they are currently active!


Weekly Support Group hosted by Postpartum Support International:
Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Get comfortable and listen and share your stories about motherhood. Meetings in Spanish offered. To register visit:http://www.postpartum.net/psi-online-support-meetings/

Banker’s Hill

Milestones Mommy + Me

Our 8-week series is a place where you (+ your little) come to reassuringly connect in the ups, downs, and in-betweens of motherhood, parenting, and this all-consuming life stage of babies. Milestones’ groups are where conversations, questions, and the interest of group members mix with research-back topics and insights designed to ease your mind and enhance your joy in motherhood. Each week you’ll feel your mama-confidence grow as you build life-long friendships, gain a better understanding of your little’s natural + unique development and needs, and increase insight into your own process and experience in this life-changing new role. Founded and facilitated by Renata Cameron, LMFT. 8-week series meets once a week for 90 minutes. Groups are located at Future Generations’ Center for Healthy Families – 3355 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103.Group registration is opened monthly. www.sdmommyandme.com

City Heights 

New Parent Support Group 

Fridays (4:00- 5:30 pm) the Center for Community Counseling will be holding a weekly new parent support group. We invite parents and their children (0-24 mos old) to discuss relevant topics to their transitions into and experiences with parenthood. Topics will include but aren’t limited to building strong family connections, self-care, and creating support. There is a suggested donation of $12, however, there are accommodations that we are happy to make for those who cannot afford the fee.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the group and waitlist, please contact the CCCE either by e-mail at csp@ccce@gmail.com or by phone at 619-594-4918. Please be sure to leave contact information so we can get back to you as soon as possible. Our clinic is located at 4283 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego CA 92105. For further information on the clinic, please go to http://www.centerforcommunitycounseling.org.


NICU Families Support Group

Many parents are on auto-pilot while their babies are hospitalized and its only after they go home that the traumatic effect starts to be felt. Learning how to adjust to life after the NICU can be difficult. Join us for a monthly support group specifically for parents who have experienced the NICU. In this safe place you can share your story, express your fears and celebrate your progress with other parents who uniquely understand what you have been through. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6-7:30PM , please call to pre-register 619-219-4313 carafairfaxlcsw@gmail.com

Little Frogs and Polliwogs

Support and education for mother of crawlers and walkers who are coping with depression and anxiety. Education is based on positive parenting and nurtures the child/parent attachment. Join us for a safe, honest conversation about the realities of parenting a very young child. Learn how to cope with and manage behavior changes in your young child and understand why they behave the way they do. Cara, Early Childhood and Family Therapist,  facilitates this group on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Space is limited for each group. Please call to learn more and find out which group has openings. Please call to pre-register 619-219-4313 carafairfaxlcsw@gmail.com

Well Mamas Tribe

Build your tribe of support to ease your transition with your new baby. Develop and practice new coping strategies to reduce feelings of insecurity and fear in your role as a mama. Gain confidence and skills to better bond with your baby during 4 hands on coaching session that cover topics such as reading your babies cues, sleep/feeding support and infant massage. 8-week group. Sundays 1:30-3pm. Cost $240. Facilitated by Claudia Rios-Gastelum, LMFT & Itzel Ballew, LMFT www.wellmamastribe.com

Well Mamas Tribe (en Español)

Construir tu grupo de apoyo-la tribu maternal-para reducir el estres durante tu transition maternal. Desarrollar y practicar nuevas estrategias para reducir inseguridades y temores que bienen a raiz de tener un bebe. Crea confianza y habilidades para vincularse mejor con su bebé durante la sesiónes de entrenamiento que cubre temas como entender las señales de sus bebé y el masaje infantil. 8 semanas. Lunes 6-7:30pm. Tarifa $240. Este grupo esta facilitado por terapeutas familiares que son bilingües (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists): Claudia Rios-Gastelum, LMFT #97284 y
Itzel Ballew, LMFT #101210. www.wellmamastribe.com


Postpartum Support Group
Tree of Life in Encinitas has a weekly postpartum support group led by psychologist Dr. Kimberly Ortiz every Tuesday at 12:30 pm. It’s free for our clients for the first 8 weeks postpartum, and after that (or for others who aren’t Tree of Life clients) it’s on a donation basis. Kimberly appreciates if people register by emailing her ahead of time (ortizkd@gmail.com) but drop-ins are welcome too.

Moms in Bloom

A professionally run therapeutic support group for pregnant and postpartum women during this transition period to prevent and recover from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.  You will gain support and coping strategies for emotional, physical, and relational stress along with evidence-based mind-body skills to manage feelings and thoughts, and to nurture yourself! First session is FREE. Each group session thereafter is $40 and is held every other Thursday from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.  Contact us to see if this group is a good fit for you and to register!  Call 760-489-1092, visit http://inpsychcenter.com/moms-bloom-support-group/, or email inpsychcenter@gmail.com.

Kearny Mesa

Postpartum Support Group 

A FREE Postpartum Support Group at the Sharp Mary Birch Outpatient Pavilion- Room A & B at 5075 Health Center Drive, San Diego CA 92123. No registration needed, drop-ins welcomed! For questions, call 858-939-4141. Groups held on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:00 am.


Getting Beyond the Unexpected

A Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Group for moms who are struggling. Receive information, support, and tools to help get beyond prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety. You are not alone. At least 1 in 8 mothers suffer during pregnancy and the first year. Facilitated by Mary Obata, MFT, and meets on the first Friday of the month from 12:30-2:00 pm. To learn more, call 619-220-4680 or visit the website https://www.meetup.com/Pregnant-Postpartum-Moms-Support-Group/ Sliding scale ($45-$5).

La Jolla

Postpartum Support Group

A FREE Postpartum Support Group meets on the second Thursday of each month, 2:00 -3:30 pm, at the Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Pre-registration is required.  Please call 858-626-6364 to register.

La Mesa

Postpartum Support Group 

Free support group Monday at 9am at the Sharp Grossmont Women’s Center, run by Lori Alford, LCSW. For more information please call 619.740.3483

North Park

Maiden to Mother Support Group

A circle of new motherhood led by a woman of wisdom, in a nurturing supportive environment. The group covers breastfeeding, natural baby health, baby sleep options, baby wearing, cloth and diaper free options and postpartum concerns. This is a FREE class. Babies are welcome. Groups held each Friday from 12:45-2:00 pm at Nature’s Whisper School of Yoga, 4205 Park Blvd, San Diego CA 92103.

Perinatal and Postpartum Support 

Free Community Group is Thursdays 12-1pm 4443 30th St, Ste 205 San Diego 92116. Scale Available as well as support from Midwife, IBCLC and CLE.

Point Loma

New Mothers Support 

New Mothers Support Group, Kaiser Permanente, Point Loma.  A FREE group for the public and for Kaiser members.  Offered on the third Thursday of the month from 1-2:30pm.  Call 619-221-6114 for more information.

Point Loma – NTC

Military Mamas Support Group 

A support group for active duty members or dependents who are pregnant or postpartum.  Babies up to 12 months are welcome to attend.  The group meets Tuesdays from 1330-1430 at NTC – Conference Room, 2nd Deck, Section B.  2051 Cushing Rd. 92106.  Registration is not required.

South Park

Baby Garten New Mom Support Group

Free Moms Support Group led by Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ana Arteaga -Biggs. This group is a FREE group for New Moms held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 1:15pm – 2:15pm. Babies welcome! Located at the Baby Garten Studio,  1947 30th Street, South Park CA 92102. For questions please email or call  619.880.9911 dr.arteagabiggs@gmail.com


Blooming Mamas
A weekly postpartum support group designed for increased support after baby is born and beyond. Many mothers struggle with postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Join us for support from a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and gain a deeper connection with other mothers. Every mother deserves to have a safe and comfortable space to share her thoughts and feelings while learning better ways to cope. Children under one year are welcome to attend with mother. Held every Thursday from 12:00 – 1pm at Babies in Bloom 1948 Via Centre, Vista, CA Cost is $10 per group – cash, check or venmo.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

Banker’s Hill

Breastfeeding Mothers Circle 

Free Breastfeeding Support Group every Wednesday from 11:30am – 1:30pm at the San Diego Breastfeeding Center. Come do weighted feeds and get help from IBCLCS and join the loving community of other mothers with babies. Partners welcome and encouraged!


The Mother’s Circle: Parenting & Breastfeeding Support Group

Spend time with other moms and babies. Learn and share valuable parenting advice. Find out how much breast milk your baby is getting with a pre- and post-feed weight. Latch, positioning, and other breastfeeding assistance will be offered by a registered lactation consultant. The Mother’s Circle is a free group led by Michelle Clookie, CLEC, and Ashley Tehrani, CLEC on Wednesdays from 11:30am-1pm at The SD Breastfeeding Center. 3355 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103.

Mission Valley

Breastfeeding Support 

Free support group to new breastfeeding mothers. The support group is held every Tuesday from 10:30am-12:00pm by Heather Shabestari, BS, IBCLC, CLEC at Hapa Yoga studio, 4242 Camino Del Rio N #10, San Diego, CA 92108. Facilitator answers questions new mothers may have and provides a baby scale to the participants. Drop in’s welcome.

North Park 

Boobies and Babies
Lactation consultant supported group
Open house style
Tuesday’s 2:30-4pm
Weigh in available

University Heights

Breastfeeding Support

Free support group to breastfeeding mothers. The support group is held every Tuesday from 10am-Noon by Marie Hobden, Midwife & Lactation Conusltant at Mother to Mother Midwifery, 1816 Howard Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103. Pre/Post feed weights, supply issues, difficulty latching, concerns about weight gain, returning to work and pumping schedule, weaning, meet other Moms, breastfeeding supplies for sale, galactagogue recommendations and prescriptions for Domperidon, Hygeia Electronic breast pump referrals covered by insurance and referrals for breastmilk donors. Contact info@mothertomothermidwifery.com.

Click here for a full list of breastfeeding groups around SD County

Infertility Support Groups


This group is for a woman at any point in her infertility journey. It is a safe place to share and get support for the impact of infertility on your life, and to learn coping strategies for the emotional, physical and relational stresses of reproductive difficulties. You will learn and practice techniques for relaxation and focus based on mind/body work. In addition, you will receive information and support in the areas of self-esteem, decision-making, relationship difficulties, and preventing and managing anxiety and depression. Cost is $50/group ($45 with code PHA15). Six session commitment and registration required. Located at127 East Third Avenue, Suite 201, Escondido, CA 92025. Current group held Mondays at 6:00PM. Contact: Rachael Stracka, LCSW at inpsychcenter@gmail.com or 760.489.1092

Mission Valley

“Trying to Conceive”
Fee: $20 per individual/$30 per couple
Date: Every Wednesday from 6:00-7:00
Location: 2333 Camino Del Rio S, #160, San Diego, CA 92108
Contact Info: kirsten.badre@gmail.com or 619-798-6106
Website: www.kbadre.com

Banker’s Hill

A 6-week support group that offers women a safe place to share, express feelings, and gain support from others who understand the experience of infertility. We’ll explore issues related to fertility, including the impact on identity, self-esteem, sexuality and relationships. Relaxation and other mind/body coping skills will be introduced and practiced. Women experiencing both primary and secondary infertility are welcome. Groups are located in Banker’s Hill and facilitated by Rachel Rabinor, LCSW. Registration is required: http://www.rachelrabinor.com/infertility-support/

Perinatal Loss Support Groups

SD County (multiple locations)

Empty Cradle

Our monthly group meetings provide a forum for the open discussion of feelings and concerns. Parents are free to share in whatever way is most comfortable for them. Although there are no simple answers to the complex emotions surrounding the death of a baby, mutual reassurance is obtained in the group setting. We offer 5 peer support meetings at 5 different locations each month. www.emptycradle.com

North Park

Perinatal Loss Group

Join Kayla Lauriano on this special evening. Perinatal Loss Support Group is a community for those who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death and for those who experience pregnancy after loss. In this group you will meet other bereaved parents, find hope and learn ways to heal your heart and womb through mindfulness and self care. Offered monthly at Nature’s Whisper and info can be found at


Infant-Sleep Support Groups


Join this private online video conference or call-in. Ask your questions and benefit from hearing other parents’ questions, too. First-Come-First-Serve Basis – As many questions as possible will be answered in an hour. On select Tuesdays – 2pm PST. View calendar to see this months FREE Q & A Sleep Support. Registration Required. Hosted by sleeping training expert, Jen Varela of Sugar Night Night.

Call our warmline at 619-254-0023 to receive referrals to postpartum depression resources and mental health providers specializing in the treatment of perinatal mood disorders.

Take a postpartum depression self-test, the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.