Online Support Groups

 We do our best to update this list regularly, but please contact facilitators ahead of time to verify all information.

Postpartum Support Group

This is a free support group through Sharp. Call the Sharp Mary Birch Social Work/Clinical Counseling Department at 858-939-4133 to sign up and get dial-in instructions.  Group will be held at 9:30-11 AM on Tuesdays.

This group is a clinical group for moms of crawlers and walkers who have aged out (or are about to age out) of a PPD group.  Moms have all experienced a PMAD and continue to cope with systems as well as the realities of raising toddlers and preschoolers.  We meet virtually twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 6-7:30.  The group is only $35 per session.  It's a wonderful village.

Open to all moms with babies 0-12 months; this is a 6-week, supportive + educational group series designed to help you combat information overload, navigate your experience, and surround yourself with people who "get it." Created and facilitated by Renata Cameron, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (and mom of two), each 6-week series meets online, once a week, for 90 minutes. Pending health guideline lines, each series will start and end with an optional in-person park meetup in which all recommended safety precautions will be followed. Learn more at

NICU Support Group

Facilitated by Cara Fairfax, LCSW, this clinical group is for parents or adult family members who have had a baby in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). This experience is overwhelming and often traumatic. Parents are on autopilot when their babies are in the NICU, just waiting for their baby to go home. Then, often unexpectedly, emotional trauma that bubbles up weeks, even months or years after the baby has gone home can be very difficult to deal with. Join other parents who have been through this experience and understand the unique fears, worries, and successes that only a NICU family can.

Infertility and Loss Support

Join Rachel Rabinor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for this online 6-Week Mind-Body Fertility Support Group. Share as much or as little as you like. Listen to others. Feel the power of the community. Reach out for support during this challenging time in your life and know you are not alone! Throughout the six weeks, we'll explore issues related to fertility challenges, including the impact on identity, self-esteem, sexuality, and relationships. You'll have the opportunity to learn and practice relaxation and other mind/body coping skills each week. While we can't change the stressors you experience each day, we can help you learn to manage your response to allow you to live more comfortably and engage with life more fully.

Star Legacy Foundation provides live, interactive, online support groups for families who have experienced a perinatal loss and for individuals experiencing a pregnancy after a loss. Groups are held via HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing and facilitated by trained mental health professionals.  You do not need a video camera on your computer to attend but it is very helpful if you do.

Registration required for the first session only – after that participants will receive a reminder email prior to each session.

Support Group Facilitators include: Debbie Fischer, MS, LMFT, Joanne O’Leary, Ph.D., Doug Stewart, and Kathleen Massmann, LAMFT

Katelin Buchanan, LPCC, and I would like to invite you and your clients who may be struggling with infertility to attend a monthly infertility support group sponsored by Hanabusa IVF, which has graciously opened up group participation to our community. Participants do not need to be a patient at Hanabusa but do need to RSVP using the link below or by emailing (I can also be reached at for any other questions).

In this group led by Rachel Rabinor, LCSW, we'll use an approach based on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy that allows for healing from a trauma without having to verbally share one’s trauma narrative. This group is appropriate for individuals and couples struggling to conceive, grieving, or birthing parents and partners as well as birth workers and medical professionals. For more information, visit

Groups for Dads

PSI is launching a new monthly online support group for dads! Our online groups are here to help dads connect with other fathers and father surrogates. We hope that they will talk and listen to other dads as they process their experience (the great parts and the not so great parts); learn about helpful tools and resources and realize they are NOT alone. Meets 1st Fridays of the month, at 7AM PST (10AM EST)

If you’re looking to develop closer relationships, this group is for you. The Center for Men’s Excellence has been running men’s groups for over 15 years, and we have openings for adult men who are interested in an ongoing supportive therapy group. Common group topics address common interpersonal concerns with a focus on men’s issues such as: Work-life balance, stress management, communication, loneliness/isolation, relationships/divorce, anxiety & depression. Our groups serve as a kind of “social laboratory” in which members are encouraged to both support and respectfully challenge each other to work toward their personal goals. For more information, contact: or call (858) 609-1549.

Every Saturday at 10 am. Zoom and in-person at Trolley Barn Park. Registration info:

Dr. Daniel Singley and Dr. Jonathan Marquez are offering this basic training class for new dads. This class is virtual, and is a relaxed and information-packed class for expectant dads that provides practical information and a boost of confidence about the transition from "dude-to-dad." Topics include diapering, swaddling, soothing, burping, and changing relationship dynamics and tips to manage common issues like self-care and work/life balance while keeping the connection strong with your partner and your baby. This virtual group meets on Saturdays at 9am. Registration info linked here.

LGBTQ+ Parent Support Groups

Families at The Center is an inclusive family program at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Our program is designed to provide resources, education, support and opportunities for community building for LGBTQIA+ families and those considering parenthood. At the Center, we believe family is whomever you define as family -related and by choice. We welcome anyone you feel has cared about, supported, mentored or nurtured your development. We know that families thrive and grow through the inclusion of many different members and all are welcome to take part in our program.

Family services include:

  • Information and referrals regarding schools, parenting, housing and voting
  • Support groups and peer support
  • Educational and skill-building opportunities
  • Social and recreational opportunities

1st Monday Group: is a processing group peer led but guided by licensed marriage and family therapists who specialize in LGBTQ+ family building. The path to parenthood isn't always straight. Sometimes plans change, or we experience grief and loss along the way. This group focuses on the deeper challenges that may arise and is a brave space to express and share in a supportive and inclusive environment.

FREE | 530pm- 6:30pm

Drop in group (RSVP encouraged)

Peer Led

Co-Facilitated by: Kristen Carvajal-Witek, LMFT, Ashley Saverino, Doula + Educator and other psychologists, clinicians from our community!

4th Monday Group: focuses on education, information, resources and community building. We invite inclusive providers in as guest speakers to share information and answer questions.

We also discuss topics that apply to all paths to parenthood and all parts of the parenting journey and encourage attending groups whether topics relate to your specific path or not ​to foster learning, and peer support.

FREE | 5:30-630pm

Drop in group (RSVP encouraged)

Co-Facilitated by: Ashley Saverino, Doula + Educator, Kristen Carvajal-Witek, LMFT​

Weekly groups online for youth and families. Please email for online meetup times. Parents/Caregivers of Trans Children (any age) – Sundays 1:00pm Pacific time

Co-Parenting/ Couples Support Groups

Postpartum Couple’s Group: Last Wednesday of each month, 6-7:30PM offered by Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.  Call the Sharp Mary Birch Social Work Clinical Counseling Department at 858-939-4133 to receive dial-in instructions.  This is a group for both parents to come and share their experiences and learn ways to help manage the challenges of dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.

Join Elana Zagorsky (LCSW) and an intimate group of 7 other couples to discover new ways to spark romance into your relationship. Though it may feel like a difficult time to cultivate the intimacy you want in your relationship, staying at home does not have to mean the end of romance. This workshop will help you and your partner rekindle your closeness and deepen your connection. So cuddle up with your sweetie and log in for a different type of Date Night!

Facilitated by Cara Fairfax, LCSW, this non-clinical group (you do not need to be a client) is intended to bring together parents of younger children who are parenting with a difficult co-parent (whether in an intact relationship or not). The goal of this group is to create a safe, warm, and positive space for parents to meet other parents who ‘get it’. Parents will find support, validation, tools, and resources for coping with a difficult co-parent and for supporting their children who may also be managing a difficult parent-child relationship.

Infant Sleep Support

On Tuesdays, Jen Varela from Sugar Night Night takes questions about infant, baby, and toddler sleep issues on Instagram and Facebook. She posts the answers to those questions in Instagram stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Facebook.

Instagram: @sugarnightnight     Facebook: SugarNightNight

- OR - you can join Jen Varela on Zoom for a private online video conference or call-in. Ask your questions about your child's sleep and benefit from hearing other parents’ questions, too. First-Come-First-Serve Basis – As many questions as possible will be answered in an hour.

Join Sugar Night Night's Sweet Sleep Coaching Group and be personally coached by Jen Varela. You will have the added benefit of being in a community with other parents who are also walking out the journey of teaching their baby to sleep.

PSI Online, National Support Groups

View and Register HERE

New! Black Mamas Matter Support Group
This group is for Black mothers who are seeking peer support during the perinatal period up to 2 years postpartum. Our online groups are here to help you connect with other moms, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, baby blues, or pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you.
Perinatal (Pregnancy & Postpartum) Mood Support Group
Our online groups are here to help you connect with other parents, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, Baby Blues, or pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you.
Pregnancy Mood Support Group
Our online groups are here to help you connect with other parents, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, Baby Blues, or pregnancy depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you.Groups are led by experienced support group leaders who understand the emotional challenges of expecting and new parents. Please let us know if you have any questions, and join us this week for a supportive and informative group.
NICU Parents
Led by trained PSI facilitators, our online NICU group is intended for parents of babies who are currently or formerly in the NICU. Connecting with others who have experienced the uniquely stressful environment of a NICU will provide parents with understanding, as well as helpful tools and resources. Whether your baby is currently in the NICU or you have finally returned home, our NICU parents support group is here for you.
Military Moms
Our online groups are here to help you connect with other parents, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, Baby Blues, or pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you. Military spouses, active duty personnel and veteran moms are welcome to attend. Our trained facilitators are military spouses and understand the unique stress of the military family life. Please let us know if you have any questions, and join us this week for a supportive and informative group.
Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Our online Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support group provides connection for mothers grieving the loss of their baby. Led by PSI trained facilitators, this group helps bereaved mothers find support as well as provides useful information and resources to help them navigate the pain of their loss. Losing a baby can be a lonely experience and this group helps provide an avenue for healing and hope. We are here to help.

Psycho-Educational/ Self Help Courses

An online educational course around perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and how to prevent them. Find a self-paced program with readings, guided journaling, a private community, and videos. Psychotherapist and perinatal mental health expert Abby (Abigail Burd, LCSW, BDC, PMH-C, LCS 26867). provides evidence-based skills and strategies you will normally find only in therapy to prevent postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. You can take this course from your own home when pregnant, or any time after becoming a parent. Don't just survive the fourth trimester and transition to parenthood, but thrive! Visit:

Two thirds of couples report their relationship satisfaction tanks after the birth of a child. Naturally, we shift our focus to caring for a newborn. But maintaining a strong and supportive relationship with our partner is one of the most important foundations we can provide our children. So how do we take care of our romantic relationship as we make the transition to becoming parents and a family? Make a commitment to your relationship by enrolling in the online course "Relationships After Baby." You can take it alone or with your partner, before baby comes, or at any point after becoming parents. In this inclusive, online course, you'll find seven videos, 20+ lectures combining readings, a private discussion forum, and questions for guided journaling and/or discussion with your partner. As a bonus, there are over 12 free handouts and worksheets to download on getting sleep for the whole family, sex postpartum, anger and how to structure communication!