The Postpartum Health Alliance's

DEIA Committee

In June of 2020, the Postpartum Health Alliance was called to action by the events involving the BLM movement. We made a commitment and a promise to our PHA family and the greater community to address diversity and inclusion within our organization and to do more as it relates to closing the gap on racial disparities within the perinatal field. To ensure these efforts are prioritized and led, we established a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism (DEIA) subcommittee.

The DEIA subcommittee is comprised of PHA professional members and local community stakeholders. To ensure the mission and work of the Subcommittee are woven into everything we do, the subcommittee is chaired by the Equity and Inclusion Board Members.


The DEIA committee is open to anyone interested in helping us advance our cause! Because PHA is almost entirely run by volunteers, how fast and far we can go, depends entirely on the amount of help we can get! If you are interested in helping PHA clip away at  diversity and racial disparity within the perinatal field, please email us at Thanks in advance!

DEIA Committee Updates

Currently, the DEIA committee is working on:

  • Designing our new scholarship program geared towards providing clinical training in Perinatal Mental Health to clinicians working with disenfranchised populations
  • Strategizing around committee outreach to expand the diversity of PHA's professional membership


By the end of 2020, the DEIA committee:

  • Helped PHA redesign our Board recruitment strategy and application to better reach professional and culturally diverse candidates
  • Created the role of an Equity and Inclusion Board position to oversee the DEIA committee and carry out committee goals
  • Took a critical look at PHA's PMADs 101 training, providing feedback and edits to better promote inclusivity
  • Stitched together a demographics survey that will be used to establish a data-driven approach to tracking and addressing the diversity of PHA membership