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Emily Hawkes

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Certified Health & Wellness Coachhttp://www.EmilyHawkes.co
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Emily Hawkes
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Certified Health & Wellness coach, specializing in women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS].
Hi! My name is Emily and I'm a certified Health and Wellness coach. I help women with PCOS lose weight and increase their fertility ​with simple diet and lifestyle changes so they can feel their best. I have PCOS myself and know the struggles of living with such a confusing diagnosis. From irregular cycles to slow digestion to secondary infertility, PCOS was impacting numerous areas of my life and it was hard to know where to begin taking control of my health. In the years following my diagnosis I adopted simple diet and lifestyle changes that led to weight loss, clear skin, better sleep, consistent digestion, and regular cycles. Along the way I became passionate about guiding other women as they sought to prioritize their health. Together we learn to nourish our bodies, calm our minds, detox our homes, and support our hearts. Taking care of your body is more than a diet, it is healing from the inside out. I hope you will join the movement and begin your own journey towards PCOS freedom!