Day By Day Wellness (inside Solana Beach Family and Sports Chiropractic)

Physical Therapist
Contact Person:
Kirsten Brown 7818312074
560 Stevens Ave
CA 92075
Languages Spoken:
Pre, peri, post natal care, pelvic health, doula services
My name is Dr. Kirsten Brown and I am a physical therapist. I have been specializing in Orthopedic physical therapy for 8+ years and more recently Women's Health for 2+ years. My niche lies in pre, peri and post partum care (but I of course treat other women's health focused issues such as incontinence and pain with sex). I am also trained as a Birth Doula which I believe is a nice adjunct to care for the pre, peri and postnatal population. I am a huge believer in integrative care and love working with like minded professionals in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. I love to stay active and healthy but can most often be found stuffing my face at a local restaurant or cooking something new at home. A little off topic but It’s important to remember that life is all about balance :)