Melda Baysal Walsh

AMFT #121438Mona Klausing
Contact Person:
Melda Baysal Walsh 858-480-6461
3636 Fifth Avenue, Suite 203
CA 92103
Methods of Payment Accepted:
Credit Card
Aetna, Cigna
Languages Spoken:
English, German, Turkish
Transitions (Family Planning, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Parenthood); Navigating relationships and family dynamics
Melda is a graduate of the Marriage and Family Therapy Master's Program at SDSU and currently works in private practice. She holds a Ph.D. in (German) Cultural Studies with an emphasis on Orientalism, Anticolonialism, Women and Gender Studies and Visual Arts. She is enthusiastic about post-modern ideas, interdisciplinary and integrative work, and she is passionate about exploring the use of verbal and physiological "languages" as “tools” that construct (and at times limit) our narratives, and impact perceptions of our relationships, our surrounding cultural realities as well as our mental and physical identities. Furthermore, she is fascinated by the many ways people relate to one another in their families and communities and how mechanisms of power, authority and oppression are at the core of relationships. With great understanding of the strong and inevitable ties which language, culture, and social justice partake in our mental health and wellbeing as well as in our global and multi-cultural society, Melda is delighted to support the Postpartum Health Alliance's efforts. Having been challenged by Postpartum Anxiety after her first pregnancy, supporting people in transitional phases, including family planning, pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood, is near and dear to Melda's heart. Melda believes that we all hold a knowledge that comes from within and that alternatives to our dominant stories which we tell about ourselves and our lives offer great potentials for change. She is passionate about listening to people's dominant narratives and seeks to bring out alternative and/or hidden stories collaboratively with her clients to initiate change and preferred ways of being and relating to others and the world around us.