Reproductive Psychiatrist

MD, PhDCalPsychiatry
Contact Person:
Monica Federoff 3109350754, 619-894-7380
Women's reproductive mental health including: premenstrual mood changes (PMDD), pregnancy planning, pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding
I am a board certified adult psychiatrist practicing at the CalPsychiatry San Diego La Jolla office. I am passionate about treating patients with a variety of psychiatric disorders including mood and anxiety disorders, women’s reproductive mental health, sleep disorders, OCD and ADHD. I value a personalized approach to patient care and wellness, including both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic based treatments. I earned my PhD in neurogenetics from University College London, medical degree from University of California Irvine and completed my psychiatry residency at University of California San Diego. I received specialized training in women’s reproductive mental health, treatment resistant mood disorders, and psychiatric collaborative primary care, while further developing my strong foundation of research to better understand the biological mechanisms underlying patients’ symptoms. I value developing strong rapport with my patients, ensuring patients feel validated throughout an emotionally vulnerable experience. I focus on getting to know my patients through kindness, compassion and integrity, working together to develop the most appropriate, effective and individualized treatment plan. I look forward to meeting you and working together!