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Relationships Redefined

LMFT 108130Relationships Redefined
Contact Person:
Nikki Nolet 4246457705
Methods of Payment Accepted:
Uses Stripe methods and accepts most credit cards.
Out of Network Provider: Clients have had success with reimbursements from their insurance companies
Languages Spoken:
Relationships Intimacy Communication Shifting dynamics Pleasure Sex Therapy Couples Therapy Embodied Pleasure Desire Discrepancy, Sexual Dysfunction Desire Discrepancy, Intimacy Issues, Sexual Dysfunction, Embodied Pleasure
I have had training in many modalities of couples therapy and am finishing my PhD in Clinical Sexology. I love working with individuals and couples who have curiosity about changing and improving their relationships with others, even when they don't know where to start. I love helping people look into themselves, to find love for themselves and in their relationships, and to find whatever works for them. I don't believe in a one size fits all, so I utilize a number of various tools given that I have done various trainings to help my clients push through barriers. I am both a couples therapist and a sex therapist, so I look at both components when working with any of my clients. I have worked with parents and children, and at times a frustrated parent that feels lonely and isolate feels that they have no where to turn, that even their partner becomes a stranger to them, and that they might have lost parts of themselves along the way. Learning how to reengage and redefining needs, identities and desires may require some assistance, but the beauty is in the discovery and journey to arrive to a new outcome.