Narrative Initiatives San Diego (NISD)

LMFTNISD Counseling
Contact Person:
Narrative Initiatives Counseling 619-786-7184 619-354-1565
3636 Fifth Avenue, Suite 203
Methods of Payment Accepted:
cash, check, credit/debit cards
No insurance accepted for trainees/associates. Licensed therapists are out of network providers only, except for Mona Klausing, who accepts Aetna, Cigna, Optum and United Healthcare.
Languages Spoken:
English, French, German, Spanish, Toisanese, Vietnamese, and Turkish
NISD offers affordable counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups. In-person and Video therapy sessions available. Sliding scale fees: $30-75/session
NISD Counseling is a 501c3 non-profit counseling, training and research center. Our team of mental health professionals, students and community members provide a collaborative, comprehensive and empowering opportunity to explore life’s challenges – whether those challenges are relational, physical, psychological or cultural. NISD Counseling offers affordable counseling for individuals, couples, families and groups. We aim to support the Postpartum Health Alliance by promoting maternal and paternal mental health and by accompanying you on your journeys through pregnancy, pregnancy loss, infertility, and/or the postpartum phase. Our team of therapists are all grounded in Narrative Therapy practices and provide counseling services in English, Farsi, German, Japanese, Spanish, Toisanese, Vietnamese, and Turkish. The team offers different fees and levels of experience in many areas of expertise. Through our MFT Residency Program, we have master’s level marriage & family therapists-in-training who can offer affordable counseling for low, sliding scale fees ($30-75/session) under the direct supervision and mentorship of a licensed therapist. For clients wanting a more experienced therapist, our licensed therapists offer services starting at $80/session. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and we will match you with a therapist for an initial consultation. Request an Appointment: http://bit.ly/NISDappt