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Sarah Kauffman, MD

MDSarah Kauffman, MD
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Sarah Kauffman 858-215-5655
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Credit Card
No Will provide superbill for potential reimbursement
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Reproductive psychiatry Forensic Psychiatry
Dr. Kauffman is a board-certified, Columbia-trained psychiatrist who specializes in women's mental health and forensic psychiatry. Dr. Kauffman has expertise in psychiatric treatment around a pregnancy, including pre-conception counseling, treatment optimization during pregnancy, and treamtent in the postpartum period. This also includes working with women and families who are struggling with infertility and fetal loss. Additionally, Dr. Kauffman is experienced with the psychiatric treatment of women with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), sexual functioning disorders (such as pelvic pain), and women going through menopause. Dr. Kauffman prioritizes providing individualized treatment for each patient, combining medication and therapeutic modalities, with a focus on current research and best practices. Dr. Kauffman provides both medication management and psychotherapy. Dr. Kauffman is currently practicing exclusively via telehealth.