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LPCC 14444https://www.growgoodpsychology.com/kaity-wilson
Contact Person:
Kaitlyn Wilson (619) 627-1642
Methods of Payment Accepted:
all types of payment
Cigna Aetna
Languages Spoken:
Womens Trauma Relationship Trauma Birth Trauma Perinatal Loss Postpartum Depression or Anxiety
I am an LPCC and have been working in the mental health field since 2018 (for the past 6 years). I began my experience as a clinician by working with women who had experienced Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Abuse as well as with children in an Adolescent and Youth Outpatient setting. I then began to then work with survivors of Human Trafficking and helping them heal from complex trauma. I have now grown to specialize in women's trauma of many kinds including relationship trauma, birth trauma, perinatal loss, and postpartum depression or anxiety. I enjoy using IFS, Somatic Therapy, CRM, and EMDR to help my clients begin to rewire their brain and reconnect with their bodies in safe and steady ways again. I enjoy helping women feel free to become who they want to be and to break free of any identity shaming voices or systems in their life in order to enhance their quality of life. I help women restore their nervous systems back to neutral and begin to thrive amidst the ups and downs of their day to day life. I currently have been working at a group private practice, growgood psychology, for two years and just this year took on the role of Lead Therapist in our office.