Written by Jen Fisher, Membership Chair & Chloe Clasper-Torch, Warmline Chair

Last year we made big changes to the Postpartum Health Alliance website, including the membership renewal and listing processes. Our goal for our members is to help you get the most out of your membership with PHA, whether it is through networking opportunities, study groups, trainings, or referrals received via the warmline and website.

Your listing on our website is one of the best tools for families and individuals struggling with PMADS and looking for help. Additionally, our dedicated warmline volunteers utilize our website to guide the process for those who need help. Having a profile that accurately represents who you are, from your specialties to the insurances you take, your ability to do sliding scale rates, along with where your practice is located are all crucial for a quick and effective search. So how do you maximize the searchability of your profile?

The following are helpful tips:

  1. Upload a photo – Having a photograph immediately connects you to someone searching and brings who you are to life, beyond just the specialties you list. Those searching are more likely to click on a profile with a picture because it conveys a thoroughness that translates to your commitment to your membership and connection to PHA.
  2. Include a bio – No need to reinvent the wheel. If you currently have one on your website, copy & paste. Like a photograph, this allows more insight into who you are and what your practice and approach to PMADs is all about.
  3. Location, Location, Location – Include your zip code and add the neighborhood, city or town where you are located. It’s convenient to be able to search ‘92101’ but also ‘Little Italy’ or ‘Banker’s Hill’.
  4. Keywords are…key – The most often searched keyword is insurance as it is a starting point for many clients to see which members accept their insurance. Currently, many profiles list “out-of-network provider” or “some insurance accepted” but this can be confusing for the average consumer. It is of benefit to you and the client to list specific insurances that you accept and/or also explain in the bio that the client can possibly submit a claim for partial reimbursement aka a “superbill.” Please don’t list specific insurances in your bio unless you take them otherwise you will show up in a search for that insurance.
    Also, for those members who are willing to accommodate those with financial strain or cash pay, the ability to offer a reduced fee aka “sliding scale” is another effective keyword, and very useful for our warmline volunteers. Additionally, specialties (including languages spoken) are best listed in keyword (“Loss,” “Trauma,” “Couples,” “Spanish,” etc.).
  5. Grow your groups – Do you run a support group, or know of one that you frequently refer clients to? In addition to Individual Practitioner & Organizational profiles, our site also lists support groups. Take a moment to check if your group is listed: https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/get-help/postpartum-support-groups/. If it’s not, we would love to hear about it, and add it to our ever-growing resource list.
  6. Explore your network – While your member listings are most frequently used by individuals looking for resources and services, we encourage you to browse through our site and see what colleagues of yours are members of PHA. Not seeing someone who would be a great addition to our member listing? Let them know about us and encourage them to visit our website https://postpartumhealthalliance.org/membership/ or contact our Membership Chair, Jen Fisher at jenfisher21@gmail.com to learn more. Another great way to connect and share is via our listserv, which members are automatically added upon joining PHA. The listserv facilitates resource sharing, study group opportunities and educational opportunities.
  7. Questions or comments? Please reach out! We want you to make the most out of your profile and your membership with PHA.

Remember! We know that many women looking for resources are confused about how they feel, are anxious about seeking help for fear that they will be judged or worried that what they are going through is “not normal”. An easily accessible profile is one less barrier for those seeking help. We appreciate that each of our members offer incredible services that acknowledge and validate the nuances of PMADs — the work you do truly is a testament to PHA’s mission to help mothers and families know that they are not alone. Thank you!