Membership Benefits

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As a member, you receive:

  • A listing on our website, if you are a provider in the Perinatal community. You have the ability to control / update your own bio, profile photo, etc. We ask that you please make it easy for our Warmline volunteers and website visitors to search for you (I.e. name which insurances you take, which area of town you’re in, your specialties, etc.)
  • Exclusive access to the PHA clinical listserv – a robust email community where you can ask clinical questions, seek referrals recommendations from your PHA colleagues or promote whatever you’re currently doing for our community (I.e. your latest postpartum support group, etc.)
  • FREE attendance at ALL of our educational workshops/events – Every year PHA host 3- 4 educational workshops geared Perinatal Mental Health and related topics.
  • FREE attendance at our social / networking events offered during the year, a great opportunity to meet your San Diego colleagues from around the county who share similar passions.
  • Access to any one of our THREE study groups, depending on your focus and specialty. Currently, we offer an 1) Allied Professionals Study Group for both allied professionals (doulas, acupuncturists, Lactation consultants, nurses, strength trainers, chiropractors, etc.) and mental health clinical professionals to collaborate together. We also offer a 2) Clinical Study Group for mental health professionals (therapists, psychiatrists, etc.) for case consultation and resource discussions. And finally, we also offer an 3) EMDR Study Group for mental health professionals who have a minimum of basic training in EMDR therapy and want informal consultation for Perinatal mental health application of this therapy. Please see the clinical listserv for announcements on all of these study groups.